Knapsacks are plastic bags for collecting and recycling waste. You can use them to separate a variety of waste: plastic, foil, EPS, paper, cardboard, general waste. You can order the bags here. The prices are on the product pages. You can get the Knapsacks printed with your own imprint.

- The bags for waste separation are available in different sizes: from 60 up to and including 2500 litre.
- There are unperforated and perforated bags, with or without binder.
- You can choose between LDPE and MDPE bags, in different thicknesses.

Each Knapsack fits in a holder: the Knapholder. By hanging the bags open in the holder, you are able to fill them quickly and effectively. Knapsacks are used at distribution centres, stores, companies and wholesalers, but are also ideal to use at home.

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