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Our business
Knapzak Benelux BV helps you to collect and separate waste quickly and easily. This way, recycling gets easier. We have been doing this since 1995. Thanks to the unique concept and our "saying is doing" mentality, we have become the support and trust of many (international) businesses in the industrial collection industry. We are based in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Our system
Knapsack is the name of the most effective collection system for plastic packaging, like foil, EPS, PE and PET bottles and plant pots and trays. This system consists of the Knapsack and the Knapholder: a transparant plastic bag and a steel frame. This bag and holder are the perfect duo for the collection of these waste types. Knapsacks are adapted to the dimensions of the Knapsack holder so they stay in the holder without getting stuck. With this duo, you can collect other waste types as well.

Besides bags and holder, we also offer matching accessoires, like lids, sets of wheels and clips.

Bins and containers
Our other activity is offering several kinds of bins and containers. These are systems that make it easier to collect different types of waste correctly and quickly.

For example for the collection of:

- bottles
- cans
- coffee cups
- batteries
- paper
- confidential documents
- organic waste
- diapers

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Knaphouder en Knapzak in het magazijn - Knapzak Benelux BV

The benefits of the Knapsack system:

  • Simple, cheap recycling solution that you require
  • Clean and quick decentralized collection
  • Small investment and low costs
  • Optimal compaction of foil in the Knapsack
  • Country-wide pick-up guaranteed
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